Monday, May 25, 2009

Incheon to Wonju


Downtown Wonju


Wish we could upload some home movies here but YouTube is now in a 'real-name verification' spat with the South Korean government. We try to upload to YouTube, only to get the following message

본인확인제로 인해 한국 국가 설정시 동영상/댓글 업로드 기능을 자발적으로 비활성화합니다.
We have voluntarily disabled this functionality on because of the Korean real-name verification law.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Great noodles

DC: Seafood noodle soup, at a place called, simply, Wonju Noodles, in the south-east of the city. You'll notice in this generous mix large dumplings, mussels, squid and clams. There is also small sea snails, a first for both of us, whose tough skin (I initially thought I'd tried to bite into a nut) softens quickly in the mouth and makes for an enjoyable chew. It was possibly the best meal we've tasted since our arrival in South Korea, with plenty of spicy heat. It was all very fresh and and had tons of flavour. It was so good we could have kept eating, though we had to decline the offer of more noodles by the owner, a friendly elderly gent who helpfully spoke a good deal of English, in order to continue our afternoon trek beyond Wonju's eastern river. Lana's seated on a thin cushion on the floor in traditional Korean style, the table being all of about one foot high.